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EEB Graduate Awards

EEB Department Awards - Graduate Student Awards

Below are the nominations received during the month of March for the categories involving EEB graduate students. Please vote for one person in each category, then click submit. Winners will be announced at the May 10th EEB Awards.
  • Please choose only ONE: Nominees go above and beyond to advocate for EEB-related issues to the public in any medium or venue (e.g., working with Darwin Day organizers, K-12 outreach or any other advocacy positions on EEB subjects).
  • Please choose only ONE: Nominees have shown exceptional progress in their research, as measured by publications, grants awarded, and public presentations. Students will have already advanced to candidacy.
  • Please choose only ONE: Nominees will have produced their PhD within the past 1.5 years, or be within the final semester of their degree (including summer). An outstanding PhD is one that has already had an impact on the student’s field, or that has great potential to have such an impact. Evidence of impact would be publication(s) in an internationally-recognized journal, presentations at prominent meetings (especially if invited), grant proposals awarded based on the research, or indications from letter writers that the work has been or will affect his/her research community.
  • Please choose only ONE: Nominees will have published the paper in a prominent general-audience journal, or if in a more field-specific journal then there should be evidence that the paper will have substantial impact on the field. Work should have been largely initiated and carried out by the student.
  • Please choose only ONE: Nominees will have demonstrated strong teaching impact. Evidence might be in the form of written evaluations from faculty, lecturers, or students, including strong teaching evaluations from students. Nominees will have gone above and beyond their normal teaching duties in reaching undergraduate and/or graduate students, sometimes in creative ways.