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How do I declare my major as ecology & evolutionary biology?

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology is not a major, it’s a concentration within the Biological Sciences (which is in what our students receive their degrees). A student must first declare a major of Biological Sciences.  If you haven’t already, you may want to check with the Advising Office regarding the specific series of events.

How can I get involved in Undergraduate Research?

Undergraduate Research is an excellent way to enhance a student’s college experience. Students learn problem solving skills, time management, how to work in a group setting, and what scientists really “do.” Plus, working in the field or in a laboratory helps students understand the concepts they learn in class at a much deeper level. If you are interested in research, examine the research descriptions of the faculty in the department. Read their research papers and see if their projects interest you. If you find an area of research that interests you, contact the faculty member directly and ask about opportunities in their lab.

Another great place to start is through the Office of Undergraduate Research.

How do I enroll in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology 400?

This is a research-oriented class. Faculty permission is required in order to enroll. Speak with the professor with which you wish to study for the semester and obtain their permission to work in the lab.  Obtain this permission via email and forward the email to the Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Departmental office ( with a request to be added to the course. Please provide your Student ID number, Course CRN and Course Number. Be sure to cc your future research mentor on this email.

I need to file a petition.  What do I do?

Download the relevant petition from the Arts and Sciences Advising Office webpage. Complete the PDF online and send to your academic advisor for review. If they support the petition, they will submit to the departmental approver for review and subsequent submission to the College Office.

How do I schedule an appointment with my faculty mentor?

Students are required to meet with their departmental mentor once a year. Once you have been assigned a mentor in our department, you should contact them to schedule an appointment. Faculty contact information is located on the Faculty Page of our website. If you are unsure of who your faculty mentor is, reach out to  

Questions may always be sent to