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Past Seminars

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Spring 2023

Jan 27: Graduate Student Lightning Talks (run by GREBE)

Feb 10: Tales from a moment in the long process of speciation, Laura Galloway, University of Virginia (hosted by the Darwin Day Committee and GREBE);

Feb 17: Diamonds in a field of emeralds: land conservation in a fragmented landscape, Gary Wein, Highlands-Cashiers Land Trust (hosted by Kwit, Armsworth, Papes, Giam);

POSTPONED – Positive interactions among stream fishes; novel insights across spatial scales, Brandon Peoples, Clemson University (hosted by Xingli Giam);

Mar 3: [via Zoom only – Please contact Charles Kwit ( for Zoom link] Fires and Oil Spills and Outbreaks, Oh My: Insights into the One Health Elements in Animal-Related Disasters, Mike Ziccardi, University of California, Davis (hosted by Deb Miller; co-sponsored by UT’s One Health Initiative);

Mar 31: Recent range-wide expansion of montane red spruce highlights unexpected potential for restoration, Jane Foster, US Forest Service (hosted by Kwit);

Apr 14: Failing (in order) to succeed: Exploring how challenge and failure in Course-based Undergraduate Research can become a learning opportunity, Lisa Corwin, University of Colorado (hosted by Beth Schussler);

Apr 21: Conserving Aquatic Biodiversity – A Generational Effort, Bo Baxter, Director of Conservation Fisheries, Inc.

Apr 28: How do we know? Evidence, Invasions and Landscapes Demography, and Relative Risks of Global Climate Intervention: an Exploration, Jessica Gurevitch, Purdue University (hosted by Dan Simberloff; co-sponsored by UT’s School of Natural Resources);

May 5: Diversity and evolution of chanterelle mushrooms and allies, Rachel Swenie, University of Tennessee, Knoxville PhD candidate (hosted by P. Brandon Matheny)

Fall 2021

August 27
Impacts of temperature changes on the ecosystem services provided by dung beetles
Nigel Andrew, University of New England (hosted by Kimberly Sheldon)

September 3
Withstanding early adversity: lessons from blue-footed boobies and humans
Hugh Drummond, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (hosted by Gordon Burghardt)

September 17
Nathan Muchala, University of Missouri (hosted by Joe Williams)

September 24
Religious Cultural Competence in Evolution Education and Beyond
Elizabeth Barnes, Middle Tennessee State University (hosted by Randy Small)

October 8
Seema Sheth, NC State University (hosted by Orou Gaoue)

October 15
Conservation across space and time: Museum-based approaches for understanding change in the Anthropocene
Hayley Lanier, University of Oklahoma (hosted by Mona Papes)

October 22
Peyton Smith, Texas A&M University (hosted by Stephanie Kivlin)

October 29
Julie Libarkin, Michigan State University (hosted by Brian O’Meara)

November 5
Olivia Ambrogio, American Geophysical Union (hosted by Nina Fefferman)

November 12
Shannon Bayliss, UT (exit seminar, Bailey Lab)

November 19
Doug Tallamy, University of Delaware (hosted by Dan Simberloff)

Fall 2020

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
August 28 Yamina Pressler Cal Polytechnic Pyrogenic soil ecology: consequences of fire for soil food webs and organic matter Schweitzer
September 4 Lisa Belden Virginia Tech Linking community diversity and function in the amphibian skin microbiome Fitzpatrick
September 11 Bernie Tershy UC Santa Cruz, Freshwater Life Science-driven biodiversity conservation on islands and freshwaters Simberloff
September 18 Martha Munoz Yale Behavior is a motor and a brake for evolution Sheldon
September 25 Kevin Kohl University of Pittsburgh Who’s in charge here?: Microbial contributions to animal physiology, ecology, and evolution Derryberry
October 2 Susan Gardner University of Maine Unpacking Notions of Success in Graduate Education Schussler
October 9 Doug Emlen University of Montana Extreme Weapons: A Natural History McCracken
October 16 Rachel Spigler Temple University Ecological drivers of plant mating system evolution Kalisz
October 23 Jane Carter Ingram Ernst & Young The nexus of science and business Armsworth
October 30 Volker Grimm Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research UFZ – Modeling honeybees under stress with BEEHAVE: lessons for theory and practice Gross
November 6 Emmanuel Frimpong Virginia Tech When fish are selfish: cases from communal breeding in streams Giam
November 13 Caleb Hickman Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Managing and Protecting Cherokee Cultural Natural Resources: A Socio-ecological Adaptive Management Plan Sheldon
November 20 James Lendemer New York Botanical Garden Appalachian Lichens: What Drives Diversity and Distributions for Threatened Fungal Symbioses in a Global Biodiversity Hotspot Budke

Spring 2019

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
01/18/2019 Benjamin Sulman ORNL “Modeling plant-microbe-soil interactions from the ecosystem to the global scale” Kivlin
02/01/2019 Charles Goodnight University of Vermont “The phenotypic perspective: A postmodern synthesis” Bailey
02/08/2019 Chris Martin UNC at Chapel Hill “The origins of microendemic adaptive radiations: from introgression to fitness landscapes” O’Meara
02/15/2019 Rytas Vilgalys Duke University “Metagenomic study of introduced soil fungal communities associated with exotic pine plantations.” Matheny
03/01/2019 Sebastian Schreiber UC Davis TBA Gavrilets
03/08/2019 Christine Hawkes NC State “How can we predict outcomes of stress-dependent, non-additive plant-symbiont interactions?” Schweitzer
03/29/2019 Jessica Metcalf Princeton University “Evolution of sex differences when immunity is dangerous” Gaoue
04/11/2019 Krithi Karanth Center for Wildlife Studies, India **seminar will be in the Howard Baker Center** Chang (NIMBios)
04/12/2019 Judith Bronstein University of Arizona “Mutualism: What Do We Know, and Where Do We Go From Here?” Kalisz
04/26/2019 Ian Ware UTK

Fall 2018

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
8/31/2018 John Thompson UCSC “The Diversification of Coevolving Interactions” Bailey
9/7/2018 Susan Whitehead Virginia Tech Attracting Friends and Avoiding Foes: The Chemical Ecology of Seed Dispersal Kwit
9/14/2018 Steve Nowicki Duke Univ Categorical Perception and the Evolution of Signaling Systems Derryberry
9/21/2018 Judy Stamps UC Davis Bayesian Development for Empiricists Simberloff
9/28/2018 Thomas Quinn Univ. of Washington Predation by Bears on Salmon: Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution Blum
10/12/2018 Shweta Bansal Georgetown Univ From Social Behavior to Network Structure for Wildlife Disease Transmission Fefferman
10/19/2018 Ariel Lugo US Forest Service in Puerto Rico The Anthropocene and Novelty in Caribbean Forests: What This Means to Conservation and Closely Held Ecological Myths Giam
10/19/2018 Tom Miller Rice Univ Plant population responses to environmental change Gaoue
10/26/2018 Sarah Diamond Case Western Reserve Univ Contemporary parallel evolution of thermal performance and its fitness consequences: how acorn-dwelling ants remodel their physiology in response to city heat Sheldon
11/2/2018 Erin Shortlidge Portland State Univ Can life science graduate students defy the cultural perception of trade-offs between teaching and research? Budke
11/9/2018 Songlin Fei Purdue Understanding forest ecosystems dynamics under a macrosystems ecology framework Kalisz and Kivlin
11/16/2018 Andrea Porras-Alfaro Western Illinois Univ “Plant-Fungal Interactions: Teasing apart complex symbiosis and building new bridges for student training.” Hughes

Spring 2018

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
1/12/2018 [first week of semester; no seminar]
1/19/2018 Scott Emrich Notre Dame Getting to the good stuff: Bioinformatics answers for a few hard speciation questions. (poster)  Gilchrist
1/26/2018 Jim Clark Duke Mid-latitude community reorganization across NEON with climate change (poster)
2/2/2018 Erin Dolan University of Georgia Undergraduate research at scale- What if the treatment is a CURE? (poster)  Schussler
2/9/2018 Casey terHorst California State University, Northridge The ecological players in the evolutionary theater: Contemporary evolution in communities. (poster)  Schweitzer
2/16/2018 Josh Tewksbury Future Earth Natural History’s place in Science and Society (posterThis seminar is affiliated with the Haines Morris Endowment-funded seminar series, “Why Natural History Matters in the 21st Century.”  Kwit
2/23/2018 [Recruitment Weekend]
3/2/2018 Danielle Levesque University of Maine Mammalian thermoregulation in hot climates: Clues for deciphering the past and predicting the future. (poster)  Sheldon
3/9/2018 Natalie Griffiths ORNL Effects of warming and elevated CO2 on ecosystem processes in a northern peatland. (poster)  Giam
3/16/2018 [Spring Break- no seminar]
3/23/2018 Axel Meyer Universität Konstanz Genomics of parallel adaptations and speciation in repeated species flocks of cichlid fishes. (poster)  Gavrilets
*Thursday* 3/29/2018  301 Burchfiel Geog. Bldg. 4-5 pm Mona Papes EEB Why Geography Matters to Ecologists: Geographical Patterns of Biodiversity.  (poster)
3/30/2018 [Spring Recess- no seminar]
1:30 pm
488 Dabney
Daniela Rivarola UT- Thesis Defense Protected Areas: When good intentions are not enough (poster)
4/6/2018 Melissa Cregger ORNL Small organisms with big impacts: Examining microbial dynamics across diverse ecosystems
4/13/2018 Thomas Whitham Northern Arizona University The genetics of local adaptation, community assembly, interaction networks, and stability help develop solutions to mitigate global change. (poster)  Bailey

Fall 2017

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
8/25/2017 [first week of semester; no seminar]
9/1/2017 Joshua Schimel UC Santa Barbara The biogeochemistry of drought (poster) GREBE
9/8/2017 Julie Lockwood Rutgers Can we conserve biodiversity in an increasingly urbanized world? (poster) Echternacht
9/15/2017 Jennifer Mandel University of Memphis Using phylogenomics to resolve The Compositae Tree of Life (poster)  Schilling
9/22/2017 Peter Kennedy University of Minnesota Partner choice in ectomycorrhizal symbioses: A case study using the fungal genus Suillus (poster) Matheny
9/29/2017 Mike Madritch Appalachian State University Remote Sensing of above and belowground processes: Aspen forests and old-fields (poster) Bailey
10/6/2017 [Fall Break; no seminar]
10/13/2017  Morgan Tingley University of Connecticut Charting the spatiotemporal landscape of species’ responses to climate change (poster) Giam
10/20/2017  Katie Marshall University of Oklahoma Mechanisms of freeze tolerance: Lessons from space and time (poster) Sheldon
10/27/2017  Andrew Sih UC Davis Integrating behavioral syndromes (aka animal personalities) with social behavior and ecology (poster) Riechert
11/3/2017  John Wares University of Georgia Sickle cell, sea stars, by the sea shore (poster) Fitzpatrick
11/10/2017  Samantha Price UC Davis Vertebrate macroevolution and the importance of museums, fossils and data-science (poster) O’Meara
11/17/2017  Shu-Mei Chang University of Georgia The causes, consequences and maintenance of variation in sex expression in the wild geranium, Geranium maculatum (poster) Williams
11/24/2017 [Thanksgiving Break; no seminar]
12/1/2017  David Van Dyken University of Miami Eco-evolutionary dynamics in spatially diffusing experimental microcosms (poster) Gilchrist

Spring 2017

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
1/13/2017 [first week of semester; no seminar]
Tuesday 1/17/2017
Mike Blum Tulane University Room 27, Alumni Memorial Bldg.: The socioecology of rodent-borne disease risk in post-Katrina New Orleans (poster). Kimberly Sheldon
1/20/2017 Erika Zavaleta UC Santa Cruz Adapting to changing climates: ecology, conservation and inclusion – “Women in a changing climate” Haines-Morris seminar series (poster). Jen Schweitzer
1/27/2017 Mary Jane Epps Mary Baldwin College When butterflies beat the birds and the bees: Cryptic specialization in a pollination mutualism (poster). Charlie Kwit
2/3/2017 Arpad Nyari EEB, UT Diversification of Australo-Papuan mangrove avifaunas: there and back again (poster).
2/10/2017 Johanna Varner Colorado Mesa University Pikas Under Fire: American Pika Ecology and Behavior in a Time of Global Change – “Women in a changing climate” Haines-Morris seminar series (poster). Kimberly Sheldon
2/17/2017 Doug Schemske Michigan State University Why are the tropics so diverse? (poster) Susan Kalisz
Thursday 2/23/2017 Kendra McLauchlan Geography, Kansas State University Reconstructing Nutrient Cycling in the Paleorecord to Assess Current Global Changes – “Women in a changing climate” Haines-Morris seminar series. ***3:40pm, UT Hodges Library, Lindsay Young Auditorium*** (poster)
2/24/2017 Graduate Students EEB, UT Graduate Student Recruitment Weekend
3/3/2017 Ingrid Parker UC Santa Cruz Phylogenetic ecology and disease (poster) Dan Simberloff
3/10/2017 [Friday before spring break; no seminar]
3/17/2017 [spring break; no seminar]
1:00 pm
Brian Looney EEB, UT Exit Seminar: Systematics, phylogeography, and comparative genomics of a diverse clade of ectomycorrhizal fungi (Russulaceae, Russulales) ***Dabney 575*** (poster) Brandon Matheny
2:00 pm
Alix Pfennigwerth EEB, UT Exit Seminar: Plasticity and biotic interactions mediate plant persistence in a changing world ***Dabney 575*** (poster) Jen Schweitzer
3/24/2017 Michael Van Nuland EEB, UT Exit Seminar: Ecological and evolutionary dynamics of plant-soil feedbacks (poster) Jen Schweitzer
10:00 am
Christine Dumoulin EEB, UT Exit Seminar: Identifying Extinction Risk Patterns in Pollination Networks and Conservation Planning to Reduce the Cost of Management-Necessitated Travel
***Claxton 206*** (poster)
Jen Schweitzer
1:00 pm
Jessica Welch EEB, UT Exit Seminar: Conservation Biology of Bats.
***Dabney 557***
Gary McCracken
Dan Simberloff
3/31/2017 Sara Brownell Arizona State University Hidden inequities in active learning classrooms: How groups of students are differentially impacted by active learning (poster) Beth Schussler
Monday 4/3/2017
9:00 am
Kathryn Massana EEB, UT Exit Seminar: Using Phylogenetic Comparative Methods To Understand Diversification and Geographic Range Evolution ***Dabney 575*** (poster) Brian O’Meara
Thursday 4/6/2017
4:00 pm
Jeremiah Henning EEB, UT Exit Seminar: Biotic and abiotic drivers of plant symbionts determine plant performance, the maintenance of diversity, and response to global change ***Buehler 415*** (poster) Aimée Classen
4/7/2017 Leigh Moorhead EEB, UT Exit Seminar: Effects of rodents on ecosystem structure and function (poster) Aimée Classen
4/14/2017 [spring recess; no seminar]
4/21/2017 Rachel Fovargue EEB, UT Exit Seminar: Conservation choices: Designing and buying protection (poster) Paul Armsworth
4/28/2017 Cassie Dresser EEB, UT Exit Seminar: A tiny turtle tale: Conservation of North America’s smallest turtle (poster) Ben Fitzpatrick

Fall 2016

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
8/19/2016 [first week of semester; no seminar]
8/26/2016 Sara Branco Université de Paris-Sud Fungal Adaptation: from Communities to Genes (poster) Brandon Matheny
9/2/2016 [seminar moved to 9/23]
9/9/2016 Pam Soltis Florida Museum of Natural History; University of Florida The Evolutionary Consequences of Whole-Genome Duplication (poster) Ed Schilling
9/16/2016 Ben Bolker McMaster University Eco-evolutionary dynamics of virulence: the devil is still in the details (poster) GREBE
9/23/2016 David Frank UT, Philosophy & EEB Biological Diversities and Multiple Values (poster)
1 – 2:30pm Thursday 9/29/2016, Baker Center, Toyota Auditorium Michael Hutchins American Bird Conservancy Energy & Environment Forum: “Wind Energy Development and Wildlife: Are They Compatible?” (poster)
12 – 1pm Friday 9/30/2016, Thompson-Boling Arena Café Jessica Budke UT, EEB UT Science Forum: “Biodiversity Collections: A Record of the Past; A Resource for the Future”
9/30/2016 Nathan Turnbough UT, EEB Exit Seminar Assessing the functional similarity of native and invasive Anolis lizards in Florida (poster)
10/7/2016 [fall break; no seminar]
10/14/2016  TBA
10/21/2016 Claus Wilke The University of Texas at Austin Structural and Functional Constraints on Protein Evolution (poster) Mike Gilchrist
10/28/2016 Brian Husband University of Guelph Polyploidy, phenotypic divergence and speciation: challenging the instantaneous divergence model? (poster) Randy Small
11/4/2016 Mike Hickerson City College of New York Comparative population genomics for inference of community assembly (poster) Mike Gilchrist
11/11/2016 Zach Marion UT, EEB Exit Seminar On the quantification of complexity and diversity from phenotypes to ecosystems (poster)

Spring 2016

Date Speaker Institution Seminar Title
Thu 21-Jan Jeremy Beaulieu UT, NIMBioS Linking biological process to evolutionary patterns across flowering plants (poster)
Thu 21-Jan Xingli Giam University of Washington Conserving freshwater biodiversity in a rapidly changing world (poster)
Mon 25-Jan Ivalu Cacho Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México Understanding drivers of plant diversity through historical and contemporary approaches (poster)
Thu 28-Jan Ya Yang University of Michigan Next generation plant systematics:  from poinsettias to cacti and carnivorous plants (poster)
Thu 28-Jan Orou Gaoue University of Hawaii at Manoa Heterogeneity and plant population response to forest resources harvest (poster)
Mon 01-Feb Jessica Budke UC Davis Connecting with Biodiversity Collections:Structure–Function Relationships and Morphological Evolution in Mosses (poster)
Mon 01-Feb Vanessa Hull Michigan State University Pandas, People, and the Planet (poster)
Thu 04-Feb Karen Alofs University of Toronto Freshwater conservation ecology: climate change and fish communities.
Thu 04-Feb Brad Ruhfel Eastern Kentucky University From the field to the phylogeny: phylogenetic and biogeographic approaches to understanding plant diversity.
Mon 15-Feb Elizabeth Derryberry Tulane University Ecological drivers of song diversification in birds (poster)
Mon 15-Feb Justin Kitzes UC Berkeley Spatial ecology in human-altered landscapes: Understanding and predicting the effects of global change on ecological communities
Mon 22-Feb Nicole Creanza Stanford University The evolution of learned behaviors: insights from birds and humans (poster)
Mon 22-Feb Eben Broadbent University of Alabama Ecology and conservation across spatial and temporal scales (poster)
Mon 29-Feb Cristina Ledon-Rettig Indiana University Developmental Evolution in Context: Environment, Sex and Symbionts (poster)
Mon 29-Feb Cory Merow University of Connecticut Making the most of imperfect data: Inferring mechanism by linking regional forecasts to population and community dynamics in a changing world (poster)
Thu 3-Mar Caglar Akcay Virginia Tech Bluffers and Strong, Silent Types: The Role of Personality in the Evolution of Honest Signaling in Song Sparrows (poster)
Thu 3-Mar Monica Papes Oklahoma State University Climate, Invasive Species, and Land Use as Drivers of Biodiversity Distribution (poster)
Fri 1-Apr Jason Kolbe University of Rhode Island City slickers:  ecological and behavioral responses of Anolis lizards to urban environments (poster)
Wed 6-Apr Marisol Sánchez-García EEB, UT, Matheny Lab Exit Seminar: Systematics, diversity and evolution of the suborder Tricholomatineae (Agaricales) (poster)
Wed 6-Apr Whitaker Hoskins EEB, UT, Small Lab Master’s Defense: Using phylogenetics to understand the evolutionary relationships of polyploids in Hibiscus L. section Furcaria (poster)
Fri 8-Apr Ana Jo Auerbach EEB, UT, Schussler Lab Exit Seminar: How a Vision and Change reform of introductory biology improves faculty perceptions and use of active learning (poster)
Fri 15-Apr Jessica Moore EEB, UT, Classen Lab Exit Seminar: Divergent effects of mycorrhizal roots and fungi on ecosystem processes (poster)
Fri 22-Apr Poster Session  EEB, UT Undergraduate Research Symposium (poster; participants)
Thu 28-Apr Quentin Read EEB, UT Exit Seminar (poster)
Fri 29-Apr Wayne Maddison University of British Columbia Reflection on my career pursuing spider phylogeny and character evolution (poster)
Mon 2-May Awards Ceremony EEB, UT EEB Departmental Awards
Fri 13-May Graduation Ceremony EEB, UT Cancelled

Fall 2015

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
21-Aug Elizabeth Hobson/ Matthew Zefferman NIMBioS Temporal dynamics of attack strategies provide insight into parrot social cognition (Hobson) & The puzzle of sex-biased learning in dolphins and chimpanzees (Zefferman)
28-Aug Alison Boyer ORNL Trouble in paradise: Ecology and conservation of island birds Joe Williams
4-Sep Charles Price University of Western Australia Plant architecture and metabolic scaling theory Gary McCracken
11-Sep Spencer Barrett University of Toronto Reproductive evolution at geographical range limits Joe Williams
18-Sep Jenny McGuire Georgia Tech How far can they go? Species responses to climate change through time. (abstract) Brian O’Meara
25-Sep Brant Faircloth Louisiana State University Ultraconserved elements: Where do we go now? Ben Fitzpatrick
2-Oct Paulo Oliveira Universidade Federal de Uberlândia Not rainforests: Cerrado and another face of Brazilian biodiversity Joe Williams
9-Oct Jenny Knight University of Colorado, Boulder Changing learning by using student ideas to drive instruction Beth Schussler
16-Oct NO SEMINAR (Fall Break)
23-Oct Megan Frederickson University of Toronto The ecology and evolution of plant-animal mutualisms Charlie Kwit
30-Oct Nels Johnson/ Jake Ferguson NIMBioS Biogeography of methane consuming bacterial communities across the Great Plains assessed from multiple PCR primer sets
 6-Nov Sarah Hobbie University of Minnesota Nitrogen effects on decomposition dynamics: Implications for coupling between the changing global carbon and nitrogen cycles Jen Schweitzer
13-Nov Noah Fierer University of Colorado at Boulder Dust in the wind: the microbial ecology of indoor and outdoor air Joe Bailey
20-Nov Armin Moczek University of Indiana Conservation, innovation, and the origins of novelty and diversity: case studies on horned beetles

Spring 2015

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
9-Jan Mike Wade Indiana University The evolutionary genetics of interactions: run-away cooperation and self-limiting conflict (poster)
16-Jan Beth Leger University of Nevada, Reno Practical applications of contemporary evolution (poster)
23-Jan Gary McCracken UT, EEB Wie Schnell Fliegt Eine Fledermaus? (poster)
30-Jan Bruce Hungate Northern Arizona University Frontiers in Microbial Ecology (poster)
6-Feb Kevin Rice UC Davis Plant adaptation to drought in California Oak Savannas (poster)
13-Feb Matt Wallenstein Colorado State University From Global Change Effects on Microbes to Microbial Effects on the Globe:  A Personal Journey (poster)
20-Feb Graduate Students UT, EEB Cassie Dresser, Jenn Bosco, Ian Ware, Anna Jo Auerbach, Quentin Read, Sharon Clemmensen, and Zach Marion (poster)
27-Feb SEMINAR CANCELLED (Inclement Weather)
6-Mar Kiona Ogle Arizona State University Variation in tree functional traits and implications for tree growth and mortality (poster)
13-Mar Riley Bernard UT, EEB Bats and Disease:  Behavioral and Community Responses of Southern Bat Populations during the White-nose Syndrome Epizootic (poster)
20-Mar NO SEMINAR (Spring Break)
27-Mar Jessica Blois UC Merced Community ecology in a changing environment: perspectives from the Quaternary (poster)
3-Apr NO SEMINAR (Spring Recess)
10-Apr Austin Milt UT, EEB Conservation oriented shale gas planning (poster) (video of talk on YouTube)
17-Apr Jeanine Cavender-Bares University of Minnesota Biogeography, introgression and adaptation in the American live oaks: implications for conservation on a changing planet (poster)
24-Apr Alex Buerkle University of Wyoming The multifaceted and variable distribution of genetic variation near the species level (poster)

Fall 2014

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
22-Aug Mary Klein NatureServe NatureServe: How Science and Technology Inform Conservation Decisions (abstract)  Armsworth
29-Aug NO SEMINAR (Labor Day Weekend)
5-Sep Alison Buchan UT, Microbiology Virus-Bacteria Interactions and Ocean Biogeochemistry (poster)
12-Sep Sean Schaffer UT, Biosystems Engineering & Soil Science Soil microbial C and N cycling in tundra ecosystems: responses to environment and climate (poster)
19-Sep Clara Pregitzer NYC Parks Department The ecological complexity of human altered landscapes. Building  a framework for forest restoration in New York City (poster)  Bailey
26-Sep Lance Price George Washington University Superbug Ecology  Bailey
3-Oct Jerry Tuscan ORNL Rich genomics resources facilitate discovery of cryptic gene function in Populus
10-Oct Jay Lennon Indiana University Microbial seed banks: the ecological and evolutionary significance of dormancy (poster)  Schweitzer
17-Oct NO SEMINAR (Fall Break)
24-Oct Jennifer Forbey Boise State University Molecular mechanisms and ecological consequences of eating toxic plants (poster)  Bailey
31-Oct Craig Benkman University of Wyoming Explorations of species interactions & their evolution (poster)  Bailey
7-Nov Brian O’Meara UT, EEB Developing and applying tools to answer outstanding biological questions using phylogenies (Tenure talk; poster)
14-Nov Marc Cadotte University of Toronto Phylogenies in ecology: is it helping? (poster)  Drake
28-Nov NO SEMINAR (Thanksgiving Break; Term ends Dec. 2)

Spring 2014

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
10-Jan Ben Auerbach UT, Anthropology Ecogeography, genetics, and the evolution of human body form (Abstract) Gilchrist
17-Jan Jim Grace USGS Looking at Ecological Systems Through the Lens of Causal Networks (Poster) Graduate Students
24-Jan Rafael Zenni UT, EEB From global trade to genes: Searching for drivers of biological invasions (Poster) Simberloff
31-Jan Jennifer Talbot Stanford University From hyphae to mycobiomes: a continental-scale look at form and function of soil fungal communities (Abstract)
7-Feb Sara Kuebbing UT, EEB Impacts and Implications of Co-occurring Invasive Plant Species (Poster) Simberloff
14-Feb Carri LeRoy Evergreen State College Bringing science and nature into prisons: The Sustainability in Prisons Project (Abstract) Bailey
21-Feb Graduate Students UT, EEB Graduate research-grad recruitment weekend
28-Feb Joe Hughes UT, EEB A 30-Year Census of Forest Disturbance (Poster)
7-Mar Butch Brodie University of Virginia Time to change the channel: Predator-Prey Arms Races and the Evolution of Tetrodotoxin Resistance in Snakes (Abstract) Graduate Students
14-Mar Randy Swaty The Nature Conservancy The Nature Conservancy’s North America Science Team (Poster) Bailey
21-Mar NO SEMINAR (Spring Break)
28-Mar Ruth Shaw University of Minnesota Investigating the capacity for adaptation in natural populations (Poster)
4-Apr Rodolfo Dirzo Stanford University Tropical defaunation and the local co-extinction of ecological processes (Poster)
11-Apr Keith Clay Indiana University Soil pathogens and temperate forest diversity (Poster) Schweitzer
Michael Donoghue Yale University Viburnum evolution turned upside down (and why the details matter) (Poster) O’Meara
25-Apr Dave Wagner Northern Arizona University The three great plague pandemics and the worldwide dissemination of plague: Insights from contemporary and ancient DNA studies (Poster)

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Fall 2013

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
23-Aug Rebecca Benner The Nature Conservancy Water Funds: Investing in Watershed Conservation to Benefit Both People & Nature Armsworth
30-Aug Chris Schadt Oak Ridge National Laboratory Dissecting the Factors Shaping the Composition and Function of the Root-Associated Microbiome of Populus species
6-Sep Claudio Casola St. Louis University Interlocus gene conversion, genome evolution and human disease Gilchrist
13-Sep Erik Sotka College of Charleston Diffuse coevolutionary arms races among plants and herbivores in the sea
20-Sep Chris Nice Texas State University Biodiversity in a hierarchical world: what can population genomics tell us Fordyce
27-Sep Denise Dearing University of Utah Bailey
4-Oct Beth Schussler UT, EEB Biology instruction in a time of change
11-Oct Brandon Matheney UT, EEB An age of discovery: biodiversity and evolution of ectomycorrhizal clades of fungi
18-Oct No Speaker (Fall Break)
25-Oct Darrin Hulsey UT, EEB Chimeric evolution and the diversification of cichlid fishes
1-Nov Emily Austin UT, EEB Wood decomposition in a warmer world
8-Nov Gordon Burghardt UT, EEB
15-Nov Josh Lawler University of Washington Will animals be able to track projected changes in climate? Armsworth
22-Nov Jen Lau Michigan State University Species interactions in a changing world: Evolutionary consequences of global change
29-Nov No Speaker (Thanksgiving Break, then End of Term)

Spring 2013

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
11-Jan Ivan Erill University of Maryland, Baltimore City Mike Gilchrist
18-Jan Ines Ibáñez University of Michigan Biotic interactions and tree range expansion: Can plant-soil feedbacks act as a selective force during establishment of species tracking climate change? GREBE
25-Jan Larry McKay UT Germs & Geology GREBE
1-Feb Adam Ruben Sanaria, Inc. Whole Sporozoite Vaccines for Eradication of Malaria GREBE
8-Feb Kristen Hawkes University of Utah Grandmothering and human evolution Kelly Rooker, Mauricio, Ivan Juric
15-Feb Rich Norby ORNL From tundra to tropics and points in between: providing data for climate change models. Aimee Classen & Nate Sanders
22-Feb Grad Student Recruitment Weekend UT TBD GREBE
1-Mar Todd Palmer University of Florida The community ecology of mutualism: ants, plants and elephants in east africa. Nate Sanders
8-Mar Ryan Earley University of Alabama Phenotypic variation and plasticity in a self-fertilizing hermaphroditic vertebrate. Darrin Hulsey
15-Mar Susan Mopper University of Louisiana Down in the Bayou – Ecological Interactions in Coastal Louisiana Dan Simberloff
22-Mar No Speaker (Spring Break)
29-Mar No Speaker (Spring Recess)
5-Apr Andrew Hendry McGill University Selection and gene flow fist-fight in nature Jen Schweitzer
12-Apr Katie Stuble UT Ant Community Dynamics and the Effects of Global Warming
19-Apr Mauricio Gonzalez-Forero UT Evolution of manipulated behavior.
26-Apr Dylan Dittrich-Reed UT Roles of host hybridization and symbiont admixture on adaptation and diversification.

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Fall 2012

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
24-Aug Melissa Cregger UTK Microbial community structure and ecosystem function in a changing world
31-Aug Tracy Langkilde Penn State Mechanisms and consequences of adaptive responses to invasive species S. Echternacht
7-Sep Angelica Gonzalez U. British Columbia Ecological stoichiometry of communities and ecosystems A. Classen / N. Sanders
14-Sep Rick Lankau U Georgia Taking the long view of species invasions: ecological and evolutionary responses throughout an invasion history J. Bailey
21-Sep Paul Armsworth UTK The Design of Incentive Payment Programs for Biodiversity Conservation
28-Sep Rick Ree The Field Museum The evolution and ecology of floral diversity in Pedicularis (Orobanchaceae) B. Matheny
5-Oct David Post Yale The tail of two fish: importance of intraspecific variation for community and ecosystem ecology J. Schweitzer
19-Oct 9:00 am seminar Dave Tilman U. Minnesota Biodiversity: From Evolutionary Origins to Ecosystem Functioning Paul Armsworth
26-Oct Allen Moore U Georgia Quantitative to Molecular Genetics of Parenting C. Boake
2-Nov Noelia Barrios UTK Multi-level impacts of introduced wild boar on Patagonian ecosystems D. Simberloff
9-Nov Joshua Weitz Georgia Tech TBA M. Gilchrist
16-Nov Jen Schweitzer UTK TBA
30-Nov Mariano Rodriguez-Cabal UTK Biological invasions disrupt mutualisms and disassemble communities Nate Sanders

Spring 2012

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
20-Jan Sean Doody Monash University Ecology of cane toads Echternacht
27-Jan Lisa Grubisha Centre College Host, geography, and climate change effects on the population structure of the Populus-associated ectomycorrhizal fungus, Tricholoma populinum Matheny
3-Feb Emily Moran NIMBioS Responses to environmental change in plants
10-Feb Jennifer DeBruyn UTK Biosystems Engineering & Soil Science Environmental microbiology
17-Feb Justin Boyles UTK, EEB Adaptive thermoregulation in endotherms
24-Feb Emily Austin, Romina Dimarco, TBA UTK, EEB Graduate research-grad recruitment weekend
2-Mar Mike Sanderson University of Arizona Tree of Life O’Meara
9-Mar Emmi Felker-Quinn UTK, EEB PhD Exit Seminar Invasive species dynamics
16-Mar Michael Kinnison University of Maine Evolution in the fast lane Hulsey
23-Mar No Seminar – Spring Break
30-Mar Tad Fukami Stanford University Historical contingency in community assembly GREBE
6-Apr No Seminar – Spring Recess
13-Apr Erik Hobbie University of NewHampshire C/N cycling in forests Classen
20-Apr Kathleen Treseder University of California-Irvine Fungi and ecosystem response to global change Classen & Matheny
27-Apr EEB Awards Ceremony UTK, EEB Departmental awards McCracken

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Fall 2011

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
26-Aug Colin Sumrall U. of Tennessee, Knoxville Early Paleozoic fossils: the key to recovering the echinoderm tree-of-life Brian O’Meara
2-Sept Lauren Buckley U. of North Carolina Functional approaches to ecological forecasting for lizards and butterflies Nate Sanders
9-Sept Scott Freeman U. of Washington Evidence-based teaching in introductory biology Beth Schussler and Brandon Matheny
16-Sept Len Nunney U. of California, Riverside The evolution of cancer suppression Mike Gilchrist
23-Sept Patricia Brennan U. of Massachussetts, Amherst Sexual conflict and genital evolution Susan Riechert
7-Oct Kelly Dyer U. of Georgia Consequences of genetic conflict in Drosophila Francisco Ubeda
14-Oct Vladimir Dinets U. of Tennessee, Knoxville Making of a hit: How to succeed in songwriting if you are a crocodile? Gordon Burghardt
21-Oct Annette Engel U. of Tennessee, Knoxville Evidence for a non-terrigenous food web base in the Edwards Aquifer, Central Texas Brian O’Meara
28-Oct Justin Blumenstiel U. of Kansas The epigenetics and evolution of genome defense by piRNA in Drosophila Taylor Feild
4-Nov Liang Liu U. of Georgia A Bayesian model for gene-content evolution Brian O’Meara
11-Nov Aimee Classen U. of Tennessee, Knoxville Ecosystem response and reorganization in the face of global change Aimee Classen
29-Nov (8:30 am, Dabney 575) Audra Galasso U. of Tennessee, Knoxville Exit seminar Audra Galasso

Spring 2011

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
14-Jan Joan Herbers The Ohio State University Haines-Morris 1: Coevolution in a social context: ants and their parasites Sanders
21-Jan, 10:10 am, Dabney 575 Jon Shik University of Oklahoma The importance of size in ants Sanders
21-Jan Ken Kozak University of Minnesota Haines-Morris 2: Evolutionary and ecological insights on the origin and fate of large-scale gradients in salamander richness Fitzpatrick
28-Jan Virginia Dale ORNL Lessons from 30 years of ecological recovery at Mount St. Helens Armsworth
4-Feb Hazel Barton Northern Kentucky University White-Nose Syndrome: A Microbiologist’s Prospective Hallam
11-Feb Catherine Graham Stony Brook University Haines-Morris 3:Phylogenetic structure in tropical hummingbird assemblages Sanders
18-Feb Erika Edwards Brown University Haines-Morris 4: A phylogenetic perspective on the ecology and evolution of C4 photosynthesis in plants Matheny
25-Feb Beth Schussler UTK, EEB New Realities of College Science Teaching Schussler
2-Mar, 11 am, Hesler 427 Kay Holekamp Michigan State University Roles of selection and constraint in the evolution of sex-role reversed traits O’Meara
25-Mar Mackenzie Taylor EEB, UTK – PhD Seminar Williams
1-Apr, 10:10 am, 575 Dabney Lauren Wilmoth EEB, UTK – PhD Seminar Fordyce
1-Apr Kailen Mooney University of California Sanders
8-Apr, 10:10 am, 575 Dabney Matt Niemiller EEB, UTK – PhD Seminar Fitzpatrick
8-Apr Graham Reynolds EEB, UTK – PhD Seminar Fitzpatrick
15-Apr Premal Shah EEB, UTK – PhD Seminar Gilchrist
25-Apr (Monday) Jennifer Hughes-Martiny University of California, Irvine Haines-Morris 5 Buchan
29-Apr EEB Awards Ceremony McCracken

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Fall 2010

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
20-Aug JP Lessard EEB, UTK – PhD Seminar Linking ecology and evolutionary biology: the role
of biotic interactions; abiotic gradients and evolutionary history in
shaping the structure of antcommunities
27-Aug Michael Lawton EEB, UTK – PhD Seminar Waves, Flows, and Rubble: Tropical Montane Cloudforest
3-Sep Jean Brennan Defenders
of Wildlife
Small spores and big spaces: molecular markers
unravel the evolutionary history of an important basidiomycete plant
pathogen, Armillaria mellea.
10-Sep Karen
University of Maryland Using Opsin Genes to See Through the Eyes of a Fish Hulsey
17-Sep Sarah Bergemann Middle Tennessee
Small Spores and Big Spaces: Molecular Markers Unravel
the Evolutionary History of an Important Basidiomycete Plant Pathogen,
Armillaria mellea
24-Sep Rebecca McCulley University of Kentucky Response of a Fungal Endophyte-grass Symbiosis to
Climate Change: Effects on Ecosystem Dynamics
1-Oct Ben Fitzpatrick EEB, UTK – Tenure &Promotion Seminar Hybridization and the Species Problem in Evolution
and Conservation
8-Oct Fall Break – No Seminar
15-Oct Duncan Irschick University of
The Evolution of Animal Performance: From Microevolution
22-Oct Riki Ott co-Director of Ultimate Civics Oil Spill Impact: People, Ecology, Communities McCracken
29-Oct Don Strong UC Davis The Ecological and Evolutionary Misadventures of
Invasive Spartina
5-Nov Tom Hallam EEB, UTK White Nose Syndrome: A Contemporary Epizootic Tragedy
for Bats
12-Nov TBA
19-Nov Antonis Rokas Vanderbilt University TBA O’Meara
26-Nov No Seminar -UT Closed (Thanksgiving Break)
3-Dec James Clark Duke University TBA Classen

Spring 2010

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
15-Jan Jim Drake EEB, UTK – Faculty Member Creating and manipulating emergence … of the hard kind Echternacht
22-Jan Jim Bever Indiana University Ecological and Evolutionary Dynamics of the Mycorrhizal Mutualism Schweitzer
29-Jan Duncan Irschick University of Massachusetts, Amherst Animal athletics: From microevolution to macroevolution Pruitt
5-Feb Randy Brewton, Stan Guffey, Susan Riechert Members of EEB & BIO, UTK Passing Gas: What we learned at The National Academies & HHMI Summer Institute Riechert
12-Feb Brad Shaffer University of California, Davis Deep phylogeny, recent speciation, and the conservation genetics of turtles Fitzpatrick
19-Feb Patrick Hudson EEB, UTK – MS Seminar Early vessel evolution and diversification in wood function-Insights from Malagasy Canellales Feild
26-Feb Mark Lewis NIMBioS Guest Plagued by numbers: Mathematics of emerging wildlife diseases and their interactions with human activities Armsworth
5-Mar Shakunthala Sridhara University of Agricultural Sciences Bangalore, India An overview of agricultural problems with vertebrates in India Burghardt
12-Mar Spring Break – No Seminar
19-Mar Marc Johnson North Carolina State University The ecological and evolutionary consequences of plant sex Schweitzer, Bailey
26-Mar Matt Forister University of Nevada, Reno TBA Fordyce
2-Apr UT Closed for Spring Recess – No Seminar
9-Apr Stan Faeth University of North Carolina, Greensboro Asexual endophytes: tiny partners with big effects Simberloff
16-Apr Arijana Barun EEB, UTK – PhD Seminar The small Indian mongoose (Herpestes auropunctatus) on Adriatic Islands: impact, control, and evolution Simberloff
23-Apr Jim Collins Arizona State University TBA Fitzpatrick
30-Apr Brian Beckage NIMBioS Guest TBA Armsworth

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Fall 2009

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
21-Aug Amy Turmelle Ph.D Exit Seminar Ecology & Evolutionary Biology – UTK Ecological and evolutionary factors affecting rabies virus infection in two colonialinsectivorous bats McCracken
28-Aug Patrick Danley Baylor University The Genetics of Reproductive Isolation: Ongoing and Thrilling Studies of AfricanCichlids & Hawaiian Crickets Hulsey
4-Sep Mike Lynch Indiana University Mutation and Evolution Gilchrist
11-Sep Michael Tobler Texas A & M A fishy story from a stinky cave: How selection along environmental gradients can lead to adaptation and speciation Hulsey
18-Sep Adam Langley Smithsonian Environmental Research Center Villanova University How to hold ground with high water: tidal marsh response to global change Schweitzer
25-Sep Taylor Feild Tenure & Promotion Seminar Ecology & Evolutionary Biology – UTK The Green (Grim) Reaper: The Evolution of Leaf Productivity in Angiosperms and Ecophysiological Transformation of Biosphere Function
2-Oct Michael Gilchrist Tenure & Promotion Seminar Ecology & Evolutionary Biology – UTK Defining, Surveying and Mining Codon Usage Adaptive Landscapes for Information on Gene Expression: An Evolutionary Approach to Bioinformatics
9-Oct Gary Graves Smithsonian Institution Macroecological signals of species interactions in the Danish avifauna Simberloff
16-Oct NoSeminar – Fall Break
23-Oct Brad Shaffer University of California – Davis TBA Fitzpatrick
30-Oct Doug Levey University of Florida TBA Sanders
6-Nov Mark Bradford Yale University How does consideration of soil microbial processes influence predictions of ecosystem carbon dynamics? Classen
13-Nov Dan Rabosky University of California – Berkeley Diversification rate, ecological limits, and the variation in species richness among clades and regions Matheny
20-Nov Jennifer Rhode University of North Carolina – Asheville Impacts of floral morphology, breeding system, and phenotypic plasticity on fitness in a hybrid plant complex Classen

Spring 2009

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
16-Jan Chunlei Su Microbiology Dept.-UTK Population genetics of the protozoan parasite Toxoplasma gondii Gilchrist
23-Jan Alison Bennett University of Wisconsin Invasive plants and evolution in the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal-plant mutualism Classen
26-Jan* Kurt Anderson University of California, Riverside TBA Gavrilets
29-Jan ‡ Robin Snyder Case Western University TBA Gross
30-Jan James R. Kahn Washington & Lee Ecological knowledge and management of ecosystems: formation of economic incentives for the protection of biodiversity and other ecosystem services Simberloff
4-Feb* Paul Armsworth
13-Feb TBA
20-Feb Chris Buddle McGill University TBA Sackett
27-Feb Ben Normark University of Massachusetts Phylogeny and evolution of armored scale insects and their unusual genetic systems Ubeda
6-Mar EEB Grad Students EEB-UTK
13-Mar TBA
20-Mar Spring Break
27-Mar Greg Crutsinger EEB-Dissertation Defense Community and ecosystem consequences of genotypic diversity in goldenrod
3-Apr Rachel Goodman EEB-Dissertation Defense How does temperature shape phenotype in the lizard, Anolis carolinensis?
10-Apr Spring Recess
17-Apr Alison Bell University of Illinois Integrating causes and consequences of behavioral syndromes in threespined sticklebacks Fitzpatrick
24-Apr Jason Hoeksema University of Mississippi TBA Classen

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Fall 2008

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
29-Aug Feng Chen Dept. of Plant Sciences, UTK Molecular and genomic basis of insect-induced plant volatiles mediating tritrophic interactions Gilchrist
5-Sep Marie-Anne De Graaf Oak Ridge National Laboratory At the root of soil carbon and nitrogen cycling Classen
12-Sep No Seminar Scheduled
19-Sep Jim Fordyce Dept. of EEB – Tenure & Promotion Seminar Seeing the tips for the trees: The evolutionary signature of chemically-mediated trophic interactions
26-Sep Mike Benard University of Michigan Ecological consequences of natural selection and adaptation Fitzpatrick
3-Oct Ben Keck Dept. of EEB – PhD Exit Seminar Introgression, ancestral polymorphism and undescribed diversity in Nothonotus darters (Teleostei: Percidae)
10-Oct Fall Break
16-Oct Anurag Agrawal Cornell University Phylogenetic tests of plant defense theory Schweitzer
17-Oct Jennifer Thaler Cornell University TBA Schweitzer
24-Oct Dan Simberloff EEB Who’s the father of invasion biology? Darwin vs. Elton vs. SCOPE
31-Oct TBA
7-Nov Joe Williams Dept. of EEB – Tenure & Promotion Seminar Innovations that begot innovations: how flowering plants got their unique reproductive syndrome
14-Nov Andy Gardner University of Edinburgh, UK Capturing the superorganism Ubeda
21-Nov John Gittleman Odum School of Ecology, University of Georgia Ecological change of global proportions McCracken

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Spring 2008

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
01/11/08 Harmit Malik Fred Hutchinson Cancer ResearchWashington “Satellite Wars: The Evolutionary Origins of Centromere Complexity” Ubeda
01/17/08 Brandon Matheny Clark University “The Inocybaceae: Insights into Biogeography and Evolution of Ectomycorrhizal Fungi” Hughes
01/24/08 Kentaro Hosaka Field Museum of Natural History “Comparative Biogeography of Two Distantly Related Mushrooms – Hysterangiales and Laccaria” Feild
01/28/08 Terry Henkel Humboldt State “Masting, Meristems, Mycorrhizae and Mulch-Factors Contributing to Forest Dominance in the Guiana Shield” Schilling
01/31/08 Timothy James Uppsala UniversitySweden “Sex and the Single Nucleus: Evolutionary Investigations “ Small
02/08/08 Lacey Knowles University of Michigan “What the Dynamics of Speciation Reveal About a Radiation of Montane Grasshoppers” Fitzpatrick
02/11/08 Aimee Classen Oak Ridge National Laboratory “Biotic and Abiotic Controls on Ecosystem Structure and Function in a Changing World” Williams
02/15/08 Julia Koricheva Royal Holloway UniversityLondon, UK “Tree Diversity and Herbivores: Does Intercropping Work in Forests?” Bailey
02/18/08 Jeri Parrent NSF Postdoctoral Fellow “Plant-Fungal Interactions in a Changing Environment: Linking Phylogenetic and Functional Diversity of Fungal Communities to Soil Carbon Dynamics” Echternacht
02/22/08 EEB Grads Department of Ecology and Evolutionary BiologyUniversity of Tennessee “TBA”
02/25/08 Edward Ayres Colorado State University “Plant-Soil Interactions in a Changing World” Riechert
02/29/08 Jason Leonard Hiwassee College “When, where and how often to mate? Genetic correlations among male and female mating behaviors in the wasp Nasonia Boake
03/06/08 John W. Stiller East Carolina University “Complexities of Gene and Genome Evolution: Challenges To The Unfolding Tree of Life” Williams
03/07/08 Carol Goodwillie East Carolina University “The Effects of Transient Self-Incompatibility on the Dynamics of S-alleles: A Simulation Model and Experimental Test in the Annual Plant Genus, Leptosiphon (Polemoniaceae)” Williams
03/28/08 Brian Inoyue and Nora Underwood Florida State University “Connecting empirical and theoretical population dynamics.Plants and insect herbivores: effects of individual variation on population processes.” Sanders and Crutsinger
04/04/08 Rick Relyea University of Pittsburg “The Impacts of Pesticides on Aquatic Communities: Connections to Global Amphibian Declines?” Gray
04/11/08 Alison Buchan Department of MicrobiologyUniversity of Tennessee “Ecology of the Marine Roseobacter Lineage” Fitzpatrick
04/18/08 John Chase Washington UniversityMissouri “Community Assembly in Space and Time” Sanders
04/25/08 Marcel Rejmanek University of California, Davis “Plant Invasions: Causes and Consequences” Nunez

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