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Aimée Classen

Professor, Director of Aiken Forestry Sciences Laboratory, University of Vermont


2004 - Ph.D., Northern Arizona University


Ecosystem ecology, global change, plant-herbivore interactions, microbial ecology, nutrient cycling

Research in the Ecosystem Ecology Laboratory focuses on the interactions between above- and below-ground biotic communities and how and when changes in abiotic processes might alter those interactions. Over the few years, we have largely worked on three general questions: (1) How will the direct and interactive impacts of climate change factors alter the above- and below-ground composition and function of ecosystems?, (2) When do biotic components of ecosystems, such as microbial, mammal, and insect communities, shape ecosystem function and response following disturbance?, and (3) How do plant and soil microbial traits influence ecosystem function and ecosystem trajectories?


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