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Jeff DeSalu

Research Interest

Human ecology, the evolution and adaptive functions of systems of thought and belief, the development of mechanisms of social control and rule enforcement, and the relationship between behavior/sociality and resource access and distribution

Faculty Advisor(s)


Degree Pursuing



Ohio State University


I’m interested in applying elements of Marxist theory that relate to the causal relationship between resource availability and the internal social dynamics of a group to non-human species, so as to better understand how access to the means of subsistence informs behavioral development on both an individual and group level. I’m also interested in how change or destruction within ecosystems can trigger cascades of social change, and how species' evolutionary context informs their responses.

Another aspect of my research in human ecology focuses on the relationship between technological advancement and the evolution of social systems, specifically with respects to how innovations that increase agricultural and industrial productivity have reshaped relational dynamics within and between groups, as well as how that process is influenced by disruptive historical events.

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