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Lauren Smith-Ramesh

Research Interest

Ecology, plant invasion, community ecology

Faculty Advisor(s)

Kalisz and Simberloff


I am a National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis (NIMBioS) Postdoctoral Fellow (see my NIMBioS page).  I am a broadly trained community ecologist who uses a combination of field and greenhouse studies, mathematical modeling, and literature synthesis to understand how native food webs respond to and influence species invasions. Species invasions often cause important and ubiquitous disturbances to various parts of food webs, yet empirical ecologists have yet to fully consider species invasions in complete food web contexts. My primary goals are to: DSC 1236 1) Enhance understanding of how species invasions alter the nature and strength of direct and indirect interactions between plants, microbes, herbivores, and predators. 2) Identify invader traits that will result in the greatest food web and ecosystem impacts, as well as identify the attributes of food webs that make them vulnerable to invasion. 3) Expand consideration of food web-mediated effects of invaders to ecosystem processes such as nutrient cycling and plant-soil feedback. For publication information, check out my personal website! For seminar videos, interviews, and other information, please visit my NIMBioS page.


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