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Daniela Rivarola

Maria Daniela Rivarola

Research Interest

Conservation. Applied Ecology. Protected Areas. Community Ecology. Mammals

Faculty Advisor(s)


Degree Pursuing



Bachelor in Biology, Universidad Nacional del Comahue, Argentina (2010)

MS EEB UT (2018)


Protected areas play an important role in global conservation. To evaluate their effectiveness in biodiversity conservation is an urgent matter needed to secure the survival of many species. We can evaluate the ecosystem health status by looking at population dynamics and community ecology. I study the small mammal's community inhabiting the first Latin American National Park to elucidate the effect that almost 100 years of protection have had on this community. I also incorporate in my study the conservation policies applied to that protected area over its history, with particular focus to what extent they are followed/enforced.

Awards and Recognitions

2016- Sigma Xi Student Research Conference Superior Presentation


Rivarola, M. D., Simberloff, D., Leppanen, C., 2019. History of Protected Areas in Argentina:  A Seesaw of Shifting Priorities and Policymaking in a Developing Country. Environment and History,

Rivarola, M. D., Leppanen, C., Simberloff, D. Categorization and Effectiveness of Protected Areas: Comparative Study of Small Mammal Communities in Nahuel Huapi National Park, Argentina. Submitted to Nature Conservation.

Oliver, A. B., Amico, G. C., Rivarola, M. D., Morales, J. M., 2017. Population dynamics of Dromiciops gliroides (Microbiotheriidae) in an austral temperate forest. Journal of Mammalogy 98, 1179-1184, doi:10.1093/jmammal/gyx051.

Rivarola M. D., Imizcoz E., Amione L. L. & Simberloff D. 2015. ategorización y efectividad de las Áreas Protegidas: Estudio comparative de las comunidades de micromamíferos en Reserva Natural Estricta, Parque Nacional y Reserva Nacional Nahuel Huapi, Argentina. Mammalogy Notes 2(2): 23.

Fontúrbel E. F., Franco M., Rodríguez-Cabal M. A., Rivarola M. D. & Amico G. C. 2012. Ecological consistency across space: a synthesis of the ecological aspects of Dromiciops gliroides in Argentina and Chile. Naturwissenschaften. DOI 10.1007/s00114-012-0969-2

Morales J. M., Rivarola M. D., Amico G. C. & Carlo T. A. 2012. Neighborhood effects on seed dispersal by frugivores: testing theory with a mistletoe-marsupial system in Patagonia. Ecology 93(4): 741-748.

2) Non- Peer reviewe Amico G. C., Rodriguez-Cabal M. A., Rivarola M. D. & Morales J. M. 2011. Biología, rol ecológico y estado de conservación del monito del monte. Macroscopía. 2(2): 5-8 (ISNN 1853-2705)

Daniela Rivarola

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