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Priya Voothuluru

Research Interest

Plant Stress Physiology

Faculty Advisor(s)



Ph.D. University of Missouri 2012


My interest in plant biology developed during my undergraduate years, when I realized the tremendous impact agricultural research had on increasing food production in India and the world over. Ever since, I have been working on various projects with the over-arching theme of understanding how plants modify their growth and development in response to biotic and abiotic stressors. While developing an in-vivo glucose localization assay to study carbon partitioning in plants, I made a serendipitous discovery that there is spatial variability in glucose release from plant roots. This observation has interesting implications for plant interactions with microbial populations, mychorrizal fungi and other symbiotic and/or pathogenic microbes in the rhizosphere. I am excited at the prospect of integrating the in-vivo glucose imaging technology with genetics and functional genomic technology to advance the understanding of carbon partitioning in plant development under favorable and unfavorable conditions.


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