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Sarah Love (Brawner)

Research Interest

Global change biology, Plant-microbe interactions, Community genetics, Climate relicts as natural laboratories

Faculty Advisor(s)

Schweitzer & Bailey

Degree Pursuing



University of Tennessee, BS in Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology, 2018


The objective of my dissertation work writ large is to understand the impact of climate change on linkages among abiotic environmental variation, plant genetic variation, and community-level microbial interactions. I will utilize the comparative natural laboratory of sky islands and contiguous forests in the Southwestern U.S. to study these effects on the bioenergy feedstock tree, Populus angustifolia. This study system is ideal because it is dominant across the aforementioned landscape, has genetically-based species interactions with soil microbial communities, and a sequenced genome exists for understanding comparative genomics.

Awards and Recognitions

See CV on personal website.

Contact Information