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Steven Bartell

Adjunct Professor


1978 – Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison


Dr. Steven Bartell has extensive experience and technical skills in quantitative ecosystem analysis and ecological modeling. He has demonstrated modeling skills that include individual-oriented models, demographic population models, bioenergetics-based models of populations, communities, and ecosystems, and spatially-explicit watershed models. Bartell has applied these skills in assessing ecological risks posed by a variety of physical, chemical, and biological environmental stressors. He has also used his modeling skills in evaluating the likely outcomes of ecosystem management and restoration, quantifying population viability of endangered species, and characterizing basic ecosystem dynamics.

Recently, Bartell has become interested in modeling at the interface of ecology and economics. He currently focuses on Integrated Global Corporate Models (IGCMs) that permit exploration of future global change scenarios (beyond climate change) on corporate profitability, corporate value, license to operate, and corporate extinction probabilities. Bartell maintains that civilization needs to rapidly move to an economy based on the concept of dynamic carrying capacity to soften the hard landing faced by a full world that finds itself in economic overshoot. Correspondingly, he is working on models of human extinction.

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