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Burghardt and Fefferman on NPR

EEB’s Gordon Burghardt and Nina Fefferman were featured on WUOT’s Dialogue program (NPR 91.9 FM) on Wednesday March 1.  You can listen to the podcast, entitled “Donald Trump And The Future Of Science” at

NPR’s summarizes the show here:

“Donald Trump’s public comments about science and his choices to run the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency have given a lot of scientists cause for concern.  How will the President’s attitudes and opinions about science affect funding?  How will research on politically-charged issues like climate change be affected?  On this episode of Dialogue, we’ll examine the next four years from a scientists’ perspective. Panelists include Dr. Gordon Burghardt and Dr. Nina Fefferman of the University of Tennessee and Dr. Gretchen Goldman from the Union of Concerned Scientists.”