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Functional Ecology Cover Article for Grads

Current graduate students Michael Van Nuland, Rachel Wooliver, Ian Ware, Alix Pfennigwerth, Liam Mueller (all in the Schweitzer and/ or Bailey Labs), and recent graduate Quentin Read (PhD 2016) have an article on the cover of a recent Functional Ecology Special Feature on Plant Soil Feedback. This is a study that emerged from a class at UTK. This is an amazing paper that, for the first time, places ecosystem ecology into an evolutionary framework by linking theory from the Geographic Mosaic Theory of Coevolution and Niche Construction.

“Plant–soil feedbacks: connecting ecosystem ecology and evolution” Michael E. Van Nuland, Rachel C. Wooliver, Alix A. Pfennigwerth, Quentin D. Read, Ian M. Ware, Liam Mueller, James A. Fordyce, Jennifer A. Schweitzer, Joseph K. Bailey.  DOI: 10.1111/1365-2435.12690