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Graduate Student Senate Awards 2017

Congratulations to the EEB grad students who won Graduate Student Senate awards this year. There are a few different categories:

Research: This award is presented to graduate students who have received national and/or international recognition in their fields and show professional promise in their areas of research and creative achievement.

  • Sam Borstein (O’Meara Lab)
  • Angela Chuang (Riechert Lab)
  • Aaron Floden (Schilling Lab)
  • Alanni-Grace Grant (Kalisz Lab)
  • Chloe Lash (Kwit Lab)
  • Brian Looney (Matheny Lab)
  • Margaret Mamantov (Sheldon Lab)
  • Austin Milt (PhD 2015, Armsworth Lab)
  • Morgan Roche (Kalisz Lab)
  • Michael Van Nuland (Schweitzer Lab)
  • Rachel Wooliver (Schweitzer Lab)

Service: This award is presented to graduate students who are extraordinary campus leaders or participate in service learning and other community initiatives.

  • Christine Dumoulin (Armsworth Lab)

Teaching: This award is given to graduate teaching assistants for extraordinary performance in teaching.

  • Amanda Benoit (Kalisz Lab)
  • Liam Mueller (Schweitzer Lab)
  • Tyson Paulson (Fordyce Lab)