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Current Seminars

All lectures for our fall 2021 seminar series will be online.

August 27
Impacts of temperature changes on the ecosystem services provided by dung beetles
Nigel Andrew, University of New England (hosted by Kimberly Sheldon)

September 3
Withstanding early adversity: lessons from blue-footed boobies and humans
Hugh Drummond, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (hosted by Gordon Burghardt)

September 17
Nathan Muchala, University of Missouri (hosted by Joe Williams)

September 24
Religious Cultural Competence in Evolution Education and Beyond
Elizabeth Barnes, Middle Tennessee State University (hosted by Randy Small)

October 8
Seema Sheth, NC State University (hosted by Orou Gaoue)

October 15
Conservation across space and time: Museum-based approaches for understanding change in the Anthropocene
Hayley Lanier, University of Oklahoma (hosted by Mona Papes)

October 22
Peyton Smith, Texas A&M University (hosted by Stephanie Kivlin)

October 29
Julie Libarkin, Michigan State University (hosted by Brian O’Meara)

November 5
Olivia Ambrogio, American Geophysical Union (hosted by Nina Fefferman)

November 12
Shannon Bayliss, UT (exit seminar, Bailey Lab)

November 19
Doug Tallamy, University of Delaware (hosted by Dan Simberloff)