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Current Seminars

The weekly EEB seminar starts at 3:30 p.m. in 307 SERF (Science & Engineering Building), unless otherwise noted.

Fall 2019 / Spring 2020

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
08/30/19 Kelly Rubin and Jenny Richeter University of Tennessee “Meet the helpers and speakers representatives from offices providing support to students, faculty, and staff” O’Meara
09/06/19 Matt Hahn Indiana University “Phylogenomics and the Procrustean bed of the species tree” Gilchrist
09/13/19 Sarah Stehn National Park Services “Investigating the leading edge of landscape change in an Alaskan subalpine chronosequence” Budke
09/20/19 Kirsten Prior Binghamton University (SUNY) “Altered species interactions in a changing world: ecological outcomes and management approaches” Kwit
09/27/19 Eli Fenichel Yale University “Cod to caribou: Valuing natural capital based on ecological dynamics” Armsworth
10/4/19 Shelby Wilson University of Maryland “Parasitism, Social Organization and Evolution” Fefferman
10/11/19 Fernando Alda UT Chattanooga “Fish systematics in the genomic age” Blum
10/25/19 H. Resit Akcakaya Stony Brook University “Predicting extinction and measuring recovery:Conservation optimism in the midst of a biodiversity crisis” Gaoue
11/1/19 Kirk Winemiller Texas A & M University “Inheritors of the waters: Convergence, resilience and destinies of freshwater fishes during the Anthropocene” Giam
11/8/19 Kim Rosvall University of Indiana “Female competition and the challenge hypothesis: insights from a feisty female bird” Derryberry
11/15/19 David Inouye University of Maryland “The effects of global and regional climate change on phenology of wildflowers and animals in the Colorado Rocky Mountains” Papes
11/22/19 Mica Estrada University of California San Francisco “The Influence of Kindness and Community in Broadening Participation in STEM Careers” Schussler
01/17/20 Haruka Wada Auburn University Building stress tolerance: towards modeling context dependency in stress biology Derryberry
01/24/20 Fernanda Santos UC Merced/UT The influence of fire on soil carbon dynamics in temperate forests


01/31/20 Ashley Shade Michigan State University Mechanisms of microbiome resilience Kivlin
02/07/20 Terry Henkel Humboldt State University Ectomycorrhizal fungal community structure in monodominant forests of the Guiana Shield and Africa Matheny

Nicholas McLetchie

University of Kentucky Fluctuating sexual dimorphisms across environmental gradients Budke
02/28/20 Jason Knouft St. Louis University Sensitivity of freshwater systems to changes in climate Giam
03/06/20 Jennifer Cartwright USGS Refugia from climate change: pockets of persistence in a changing environment Armsworth
03/13/20 Yamina Pressler CalPoly Tech Pyrogenic soils: consequences of fire for soil food webs and organic matter Benoit (GREBE)
03/27/20 Andrea Sequeria Wellesley College The asexual road to success: Unveiling the advantages of invasive parthenogenetic weevil species through transcriptomics O’Meara
04/03/20 Stephen Ellner Cornell University The role of luck in between-individual variability in reproductive success Gaoue