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Amanda Benoit

Research Interest

predator-pollinator-plant interactions, evolutionary ecology, pollination biology, phenotypic selection, community ecology, indirect interactions, crab spiders, bees, yellow mariposa lilies (Calochortus luteus)

Faculty Advisor(s)


Degree Pursuing



Trent University – BA with Honours in Biology and Anthropology (2011)
University of Guelph – MSc Integrative Biology (2016)


Pollinators are not immune to predators. Spiders, true bugs, birds and many other predators consume large numbers of pollinators and can cause pollinators to alter their activity level and foraging behavior. I examine how predacious crab spiders affect interactions between pollinators and the yellow mariposa lily (Calochortus luteus). Furthermore, I am interested in how these altered interactions affect pollinator-mediated selection on floral traits, and inbreeding.

Awards and Recognitions

Rosemary Grant Award
Botanical Society of America Graduate Research Award
Breedlove Dennis Award for Botanical field experiences
Graduate Student Senate Teaching Award
CIRTL Scholar Level Certification in Teaching and Learning

Contact Information