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Árpád S. Nyári

Research Interest

Avian systematics, biogeography, and diversification


Ph.D. (2011) - University of Kansas
M.A. (2005) - University of Kansas
B.A. (1999) - Universitatea de Vest, Romania


My general interests lie in the study of avian relationships and historical biogeography at different temporal and geographic scales. I rely on specimen-based data (genetic, morphometric, locality) to ask questions about the patterns, modes, and tempo of diversification of major avian lineages and within species. Although not strictly bound to a particular study region or system, I do enjoy collaborating on groups distributed in Australo-Papua and Oceania, one of the world's most heterogeneous and dynamic landscapes.


For a complete list of publications, please visit Google Scholar or Research Gate.

  • Reddy S. and Nyári Á.S. 2015. Novel insights into the historical biogeography of the Steak-breasted Scimitar Babbler complex (Aves: Timaliidae: Pomatorhinus rufficolis complex). Current Zoology 61: 910–921.
  • Robbins, M.B. and Nyári, Á.S. 2014. Canada to Tierra del Fuego: species limits and historical biogeography of the Sedge Wren (Cistothorus platensis). The Wilson Journal of Ornithology 126(4): 649–662.
  • Joseph L., Toon A., Nyári Á.S., Longmore W.N., Rowe K.M.C., Haryoko T., Trueman J., and Gardner J.L. 2014. A new synthesis of the molecular systematics and biogeography of honeyeaters (Passeriformes: Meliphagidae) highlights biogeographical and ecological complexity of a spectacular avian radiation. Zoologica Scripta 43: 235-248.
  • Andersen M. J., Nyári Á.S., Mason I., Joseph L., Dumbacher J.P., Filardi C.E., and Moyle R.G. 2014. Molecular systematics of the world’s most polytypic bird- the Pachycephala pectoralis/melanura (Aves: Pachycephalidae) species complex. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 170: 566-588.
  • Nyári Á.S. and Joseph L. 2013. Comparative phylogeography of Australo-Papuan mangrove-restricted and mangrove-associated avifaunas. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 109: 574–598.
  • Nyári Á.S. and Reddy S. 2013. Comparative phyloclimatic analysis and evolution of ecological niches in the scimitar babblers (Aves: Timaliidae: Pomatorhinus). PLoS ONE 8(2): e55629. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0055629.
  • Hosner P.A., Nyári Á.S., and Moyle R.G. 2013. Water barriers and intra-island isolation contribute to diversification in the insular Aethopyga sunbirds (Aves: Nectariniidae). Journal of Biogeography 40: 1094–1106.
  • Nyári Á.S. and Joseph L. 2012. Evolution in Australasian mangrove forests: multilocus phylogenetic analysis of the Gerygone warblers (Aves: Acanthizidae). PLoS ONE 7(2): e31840. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0031840
  • Nyári Á.S. and Joseph L. 2011. Systematic fragmentation of Lichenostomus improves the basis for understanding relationships within the honeyeaters (Meliphagidae) and historical development of Australo-Papuan bird communities. Emu 111: 202-211.
  • Arbelaez-Cortes E., Nyári Á.S., and Navarro-Sigüenza A.G. 2010. Phylogeographic patterns and historical demography of a Neotropical Montane Forest bird: the Spot-Crowned Woodcreeper (Lepidocolaptes affinis). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 57: 658–668.

Contact Information

  • Mailing Address: 569 Dabney Hall, 1416 Circle Dr, Knoxville, TN 37996
  • Phone: 865-974-3599
  • Fax: 865-974-3067
  • E-mail: