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Joseph Bailey

Associate Professor and Chair of Undergraduate Affairs

Research Interest

Plant-animal interactions, evolutionary ecology


2003 - Ph.D., Northern Arizona University


I consider myself to be an evolutionary ecologist broadly interested in how species interactions link genes and ecosystems, how natural selection operates in a community context, and how these processes scale geographically and with genetic resolution (i.e., small molecular differences to subpopulation structure). I try to take an integrative view of natural systems and have worked with native and introduced plants and herbivores, from microbes to mammals, linking genes to ecosystems.


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  • Bailey, J.K. and T.G. Whitham.  2006.  Biodiversity is related to indirect interactions among species of large effect.  In Indirect Interaction Webs: Nontrophic Linkages Through Induced Plant Traits (T. Ohgushi, T. Craig, and P.W. Price, eds.).  Cambridge University Press, UK
  • Bailey, J. K., Wooley, S. C., Lindroth, R. L. & Whitham, T. G. 2006. Importance of species interactions to community heritability: A genetic basis to trophic-level interactions. Ecolog Letters 9:78-85.
  • Bailey, J.K. and T.G. Whitham. 2006. Indirect trait-mediated interactions between cottonwoods and beavers positively affect sawfly abundance.  Ecological Entomology

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