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Paul Armsworth


Research Interest

CURRENTLY RECRUITING GRADUATE STUDENTS Conservation, theoretical ecology


2003 – Ph.D., Stanford (Biological Sciences)
2000 – Ph.D., James Cook (Mathematics)


Research in our lab group examines how ecology and socioeconomic sciences can be integrated more effectively to inform conservation strategies and the management of natural resources. Our approach is highly interdisciplinary and integrates mathematical modeling, statistical analyses, GIS, ecological field surveys, socioeconomic data, and other approaches. Our research aims to inform both biodiversity conservation strategies and the management of ecosystem services (benefits nature provides to people) and often involves close collaborations with NGOs, public agencies and for-profit companies.


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Armsworth, P.R., Dilkina, B., Fargione, J., Fisher, M., Fovargue, R., Harris, J., Jackson, H.B., Le Bouille, D., Nolte, C., Richards C. 2023. Multiplying the impact of biodiversity conservation funding using spatial exchange rates. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, in press.


Sims, C., Armsworth, P.R., Blackwood, J., Fitzpatrick, B., Kling, D.M., Lenhart, S., Neubert, M., Papes, M., Sanchirico, J., Shea, K., Springborn, M. 2023. Leveraging federalism for flexible and robust management of social-ecological systems. People and Nature, 5, 446-454.


Zhu, G., Giam, X., Armsworth, P.R., Papeş, M. 2023. Biodiversity conservation adaptation to climate change: protecting the actors or the stage. Ecological Applications, 33, e2765.


Hyman, A.A., Le Bouille, D., Zhu, G., Armsworth, P.R. 2022. Variation in preferences describing how to value the future among conservation practitioners and its implications for today's protection priorities. Biological Conservation, 271, 109585.


Le Bouille, D., Fargione, J., Armsworth, P.R. 2022. Spatio-temporal variation in the costs of managing protected areas. Conservation Science and Practice, 4, e12697.


Vijay, V., Fisher, J.R.B., Armsworth, P.R. 2022. Co-benefits for terrestrial biodiversity and ecosystem services available from contrasting land protection policies in the contiguous United States. Conservation Letters, 15, e12907.


Yoon, H.S., Vijay, V., Armsworth, P.R. 2022. Accounting for spatial heterogeneity in the added conservation value of land protection when prioritizing protected areas. Conservation Biology, 36, e13960.

Contact Information

  • 445 Hesler
  • Mailing Address: 569 Dabney Hall, 1416 Circle Dr, Knoxville, TN 37996
  • Phone: (865) 974-9748
  • Fax: (865) 974-3067
  • E-mail:
  • Lab Website