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Supporting Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

We are grateful for our donors whose gifts help us provide support for undergraduate and graduate students in the department.

Beagle Memorial Fund for Research

Supports undergraduate, graduate or faculty research in ecology and evolutionary biology; generously given by former Associate Dean for Research in the College of Arts and Sciences and Head of EEB, Professor Christine R. B. Boake.

Daniel J. and Donna K. Popek Ecology Scholarship Endowment

Supports undergraduate research and scholarship for EEB majors at UT; generously given by Mr. and Ms. Popek. Mr. Popek graduated from the UT Department of Zoology in 1967.

William Byrne Hartz Biodiversity Endowment

Support for graduate students pursuing studies in environmental biology, biodiversity, sustainability, ecology, and conservation. Created in memory of William Byrne Hartz through a generous gift by Florence Hartz Jones. Awardees will be named Tennessee Conservation and Biodiversity Center scholars

Dr. Clifford Amundsen Ecology Scholarship Endowment

Support for undergraduate research and scholarship through the generosity of Ginny Dant and Kari Admunsen Apter. Amundsen was a faculty member in the Department of Botany at UT for 37 years. His research specialty was plant physiological ecology, working primarily in forests of TN, VA, KY, NC and the West. 

Lynne and Bob Davis Herbarium Awards 

For undergraduate student research focusing on plant natural history, taxonomy, and/or floristics. Lynne and Bob are passionate naturalists and have been volunteers at the UT herbarium for the past three years. They barcoded/imaged over 16,000 liverwort specimens and have databased/georeferenced thousands of UT specimens collected from around the world. 

Ben Hochman Memorial Awards 

For Student Research in organismal biology using primarily genetic data. Ben Hochman was a Geneticist in the Department of Zoology at UT from 1964 to 1988.  His research focused on genes of the fourth chromosome of Drosophila. By this endowment, his friends remember him and acknowledge his contributions.

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