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Three Minute Thesis Competition

Two EEB grad students are competing in the 3-minute thesis competition next week: Jordan Bush (Simberloff Lab) and Sara Lipshutz (Derryberry Lab). This is a University-wide competition, so we are doing well to have two EEB-ers representing us! See pdf for details.

Jordan and Sara are speaking on February 26, 2018 at 3:30 p.m. in room 160 of the Plant Biotechnology Building, in the first of three Three Minute Thesis semi-final competitions. The Three Minute Thesis competition is one in which graduate students have three minutes and a single slide to explain their dissertation or thesis research to a group of judges and an audience (that may not even be familiar with the academic area). It’s a valuable exercise and a great way to showcase the amazing work being done by UT graduate students. It’s also a perfect way to start Graduate Education Week, so come by and watch the competition and support our graduate students!